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About Us


Aker Customs Brokerage was founded by Mithat Akar and his partners as a partnership company in 1980, Istanbul. It changed its status to a limited company on 07.01.1985 and it has been continuing in this status up to today. It has worked for many respectful industrial enterprises and trade companies since its foundation and contributed to the growth of the foreign trade of Turkey. Aker does not only serve for national companies but also many international companies and organizations and successfully represent Turkey. It has become the pride of our country.

Aker was successfully managed by its founder Mithat Akar since 2007, from which Serdar Akar, the second generation, who has become greatly experienced working within the company, took over the management and changed it in a more dynamic manner.

In 2009, Serhat Aksu, who had worked for years as a manager, joined the management and thus a new synergy and collaboration were brought to the company. Today, Aker is managed by a young yet experienced and professional team, such as Serdar Akar and Serhat Aksu.

One of the most important characteristics of Aker is that it works with its customers for years and it contributes to their growth. It has always known how to satisfy its customers, who have recommended these services to others, which has made Aker grown and become one of the most respectful customs brokerage companies.

One of the things that differentiate Aker from others is that the managing partners are always taking care of business and forthwith respond to the expectations of the customers and personally deal with and solve all possible problems. From the senior managers to the workers, all personnel in Aker aim to provide a perfect and fast service to the customers and always act within the understanding “amateur spirit – professional approach”.

Aker has always provided its customers with perfect services and greatly contributed to the sector in which it operates. It has become an important actor in the international trade of Turkey which has continuously grown since 1980.



Our vision is to grow beyond the growth rate of our company in a robust and systematic manner.


Our mission is to provide a perfect and excellent service to our customers to facilitate their commercial activities.


  • Teamwork
  • Developing by learning and growing by developing
  • Transparency and availability
  • Innovation
  • Professional services with amateur spirit
  • Consistent and long term business relations

 “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are”