Aker Custom Brokage & Consultancy

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Customs Brokerage

  • Aker focuses on customs brokerage activities;
  • Aker has 40 personnel in total including three customs brokers and eight assistant customs brokers and, it has provided perfect and honest services for more than 30 years through its offices located in Istanbul, Gebze, Gemlik, Bursa, Mersin, Eskişehir and İzmir;
  • Aker produces specific solutions through its customer representatives or “outsourced” services if need be;
  • Aker forthwith provides its customers with any change to the legislations and the procedures that need to be followed in a detailed manner.


Aker protects and maintains the products of its customers in the best manner within its warehouses bounded with the Erenköy, Halkalı, Haydarpaşa and Ambarlı customs offices.


  • Aker produces transportation solutions most appropriate for the requirements of its customers;
  • Aker has a wide agency network throughout the world and offers the most competitive prices and cost efficient solutions for its customers in respect of national and international logistic activities.


  • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) / DTS (Foreign Trade Standardization) permits;
  • Obtaining Certificates of Guarantee;
  • Permits from the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Permits for used machines;
  • Reports from the chambers of industry;
  • Obtaining inspection certificates.

Note: Aker offers all its logistics activities and consultancy services only to the companies for which it acts as their customs brokers.